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Update: It was posted on the Zetapets wiki homepage that Zetapets now lives on: It is for the most part abandoned though.

Zetapets was the first (I believe) pet site to be inspired by Neopets (born in 2002). It survived with a good number of members for quite a while, after 8+ years of existence or so (around August 2009), the owner (as I read in the homepage before the domain was taken down) said they had faced many difficulties and it was very hard to run the site; eventually the expenses to keep the site running outdid those the site would bring in with the few faithful users it still had.

There is a wiki dedicated to Zetapets here perhaps abandoned since the owner of Zetapets didn't give too many hopes on bringing it back. S/he DID however say that if they could work those problems out they would bring the site back. Apologies to those who miss it. =(

If you liked playing in Zetapets, perhaps you want to give Marapets a try! -- wouldn't hurt!

Here is some information about the Zetapets site:

Few months before it was closed this is what was found on the homepage:

  • There are currently 22 users and 7 guests playing Zetapets. ... All media Copyright © 2004-2005 or their respective owners. Usage of this site means you are in full agreement with our terms and conditions. Zetapets - About Us.
  • Last Updated: Assume this is when the site owner posted about it's closing status: "Last Updated on: 18-Aug-09"

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