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There's quite a big list of retired items the Candy Tree will ask for. These are the ones I can remember about:

  • Milk Chocolate Xoi
  • Pink Heart Lolly
  • Chocolate Drops
  • Red Gummy Kidlet
  • Gummy Christmas Tree
  • Gummy Star
  • Chocolate Rose
  • Chocolate Tulip
  • Christmas Candycane
  • Seasonal Candycane

If the tree asks for them you have only a couple of options. If the item is priced affordably (usually less than about 5,000MP) I'd say finish the quest.

However, remember that quests do not have ANY penalty. If you can't finish a quest nothing bad will happen to you or your pets. It is encouraged that when a quest costs you too much to finish (I never go over 10,000 per quest) to just give it up and try another quest while time runs out.

The Mara forums helped a lot on deciding the best solution to this so I want to thank everyone who helped! <3