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King Baspinar will tell you when you joined Marapets. However the other details are private, for many reasons. If your account should ever get invaded by a hacker, a scammer or someone you mistakenly told your password to; that person will know all of your information.

Meanwhile that's the information staff needs to collect from you, (in a case like that) in order for you to authenticate your account; and prove it is yours or help you recover any items lost.

Unfortunately, much too many young children give their passwords to others, and compromise their accounts all the time. In a case like that they'd be compromising their private information as well.

This is part of Marapets meeting up with COPPA guidelines. If you want to ask by using the Contact us link in Marapets, they have the right not to tell you that information as well; because as far as they're concerned you should already know it.