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Are you saving for something? Do you want money? Do you have your eye on something in shops? Well,here's the guide for you!

Step 1: Take 1,000 MP out of your bank or make 1,000 MP quick from playing games or selling some stuff. If you make more than that,deposit the remains in the bank. The bank is your friend.

Step 2: With that 1,000 MP. Do all the free dailies. Such as the fruit machine,tombolas,fairies,worm digging,etc. Do not do the plushie machine,gumball machine,etc. The ones that cost money.

Step 3: After doing all the dailies, sell the prizes you've gotten and if you made some MP from the dailies,good (:.

Step 4: Now, Do quests. The best are Snowman,Secret Santa and Elger. Elger gives you good money, and crystals which sell really good. Go back and forth between all those quests. DO NOT do a quest if the item costs more than 1,000 MP. ALSO NOTE: Buying items from user shops is USUALLY more expensive than marapets shops! Check mara shops before buying from user shops!

Step 5: Continue doing quests,you should have more profit. If you got any crystals,ice sculptures,stamps,etc. as prizes, sell them. Also,every few quests you get 25k and a stamp/card/etc. for the certain quest. Sell that bonus item,too.

Step 6: If your like me, you don't play games. They don't make too much cash and let's face it, your bad at them. If you need some money and all your quests are asking expensive items and you have to wait them out, play some easy,quick money games like Rofling Gold. Shoot the Fatty is pretty good too. They are both simple and easy to make cash. Or you could just play your favorites C:

Step 7: Sell any items your sent from snowman/secret santa quests (unless you want them) Sell your attic. At the end of the day,put all your money except for 1,000 MP into your bank.

Step 8: Remember to collect your interest at the start of the day BEFORE YOU DEPOSIT ANY MP IN THE BANK OR ATM.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 1-8 and you should be on your way to lots of cash C:

Well,after reading Rein's Money Making guide,you need to find ways to save your money,not spend it and cut down on your spendings!

Feeding your pets -Feed your pets with cheap potatoe prizes you win from games like Test Your Strength,Mission level 1 and the Trash Fairy -If you HAVE to,feed your pets by buying cheap food items from a user shop. Example: Trash Potato,Rotten Potato,Bronze Gumball...etc

Playing with your pets: -You can play with pearls won from games like Test Your Strength,missions,etc. You can also buy some cheap plushies (make sure they aren't enchanted) if you NEED to. Truth is,your pets Happiness isn't very important.

Dressing up your character: -DONT buy coupons for hair,nose,dentist,etc. Wait until you win them from FREE Tombola or Loyalty prizes. -Get your clothes from the FREE once a day Clothing Rack in Lowlyhood. -Change the colors of your clothes sparingly. Try to pick clothes that you ALREADY like the colors of so you don't need to pay the 100 MP changing fee.

Storing your money: -Put your money in the bank,but you can leave some out for emergencies (up to 5k) -Collect interest from the bank every day

Extra cash: -Do all your dailies! -Have your pets get jobs if they have enough stats from gym/school/etc. You get money everyday!

Buying items: -NO MORE QUICK BUY. The 25 MP extra each time you do so adds up! Quick buying four times is 100 MP extra right there!

Cleaning out: -Sell your old items, or items you no longer need to keep money

Oops,I spent some!: -Get it back by selling an item,playing a game or doing a quest! Good Luck! (: By: Rein [reindeary]

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