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Evidence certianly points to this being the case as stated here:

I don't mean to be malicious but, huh, Eleka Minions have teeth and claws, there was no way they could perfectly slice the king. They could have cornered him, and somehow frighten him; but since there were no scratches on the body, they couldn't have murdered him. Let see, who has a sword... Queen Eleka has a very dull sword. It doesn't look like that thing can slice a watermelon, let alone slice a fish... Who else has a sword and was close to the king... Huh, the new King Baspinar XIII has a very sharp sword doesn't he? And wow have you seen how sharp the Knutt Knight's sword is? Wow, how sad! o_0 Maybe this was a plan of the Knutt Knight and King Baspinar XIII to frame Queen Eleka??? We will never know the real truth! :(